Author: Roger Medley
Roger is a former Colorado State Archery Champion, a speaker, a published author, executive director of High Country Ministries and a bi-vocational Pastor. Roger can routinely be found around the country sharing hunting secrets at seminars and workshops.

Jetboil Personal Cooking System

Sometimes there is more than one way to approach lightening your gear. When it comes to cooking, you can go with the lightest stove, the lightest pot, etc… Or, you can go with an efficient system which allows you to

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Big Anges Seedhouse SL1 Tent

Have you been on the side of mountain shortly before dark and run into a herd of elk? Or what about this, you’ve finally figured out where the elk are and it’s too dark to shoot? You say to yourself,

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Aquamira Water Treatment

While in Air Force survival school, we were given iodine tablets for our water treatment. We drank water from just about every conceivable source you can think of (maybe even some you wouldn’t think of) and none of it tasted

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Superfeet Boot Inserts

It doesn’t matter how expensive your boots are, you can always use more arch support and Superfeet have been providing that support for over thirty years. Over the years, Superfeet’s product line has continued to grow and expand. Now they

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LaSportiva Trango Trek Boots and Sandstone Shoes

LaSportiva is not a name heard often in the hunting world, but we here at Backcountry Bowhunting are always trying to bring you the very best gear for your hard earned money, and LaSportiva fell in that grouping. LaSportiva has

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Badlands 4500 Pack Review

Before we start, I’d like to share something. I take my job as the Gear Guy very seriously. I’m very interested in providing our readers with what I know works. I’d like to tell how I came to review the

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Specialty Archery Verifier

Do you wear glasses while you shoot your bow, but wish you didn’t? Several years ago I started to need reading glasses to clearly see detail up close. Over the years it’s gotten worse. Now I NEED them to see

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Nikon Team Realtree Laser440 Rangefinder

As a bowhunter, knowing the distance to the target is critical. Laser rangefinders have taken the guess work out of knowing the exact distance. In years past, I used a range finder that worked well out to 800 yards. However,

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Rocky Mountain Turbo Broadhead

Founded by Robert Barrie in 1978, Barrie Archery introduced the first Rocky Mountain Broadhead in 1979. On a recent archery hog hunt at River Bottom Bowhunting near Pueblo Colorado, I had the opportunity to try out the toughest broadhead I

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Quickie and Quickie 2 Releases from Carter Enterprises

The folks at Carter Enterprises continue to amaze me. Some shooters desire an index finger release which is silent to attach to the string and automatically resets after each shot. Whether you’re competing in quick shot tournaments or hunting where silent

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