Author: Roger Medley
Roger is a former Colorado State Archery Champion, a speaker, a published author, executive director of High Country Ministries and a bi-vocational Pastor. Roger can routinely be found around the country sharing hunting secrets at seminars and workshops.

Nikon Team Realtree Laser440 Rangefinder

As a bowhunter, knowing the distance to the target is critical. Laser rangefinders have taken the guess work out of knowing the exact distance. In years past, I used a range finder that worked well out to 800 yards. However,

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Rocky Mountain Turbo Broadhead

Founded by Robert Barrie in 1978, Barrie Archery introduced the first Rocky Mountain Broadhead in 1979. On a recent archery hog hunt at River Bottom Bowhunting near Pueblo Colorado, I had the opportunity to try out the toughest broadhead I

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Quickie and Quickie 2 Releases from Carter Enterprises

The folks at Carter Enterprises continue to amaze me. Some shooters desire an index finger release which is silent to attach to the string and automatically resets after each shot. Whether you’re competing in quick shot tournaments or hunting where silent

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Carter Two Shot Release

Looking for a release that shoots like your rifle? In the 1950’s Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov developed the SKS rifle. Years later, these rifles started showing up at gun shows around the country. Then, kits to upgrade the trigger systems started

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Winners Choice Custom Bow Strings

I don’t get it. Doesn’t the definition of “custom” include, “takes a long time”? That definitely isn’t the case with Winner’s Choice Custom Strings. I had my new strings in just a few short days when I ordered them. In

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Picking a Stove

So, you’ve decided to go with a stove. Now the hard part begins – what kind? There are ones with canisters, ones with require liquid fuel, ones made out of a tuna fish can, and the list goes on. Which

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Selecting a Peep Sight

So, why would I want a peep sight anyway? And how do I know what size peep sight to use? As archers, these are some of the questions that may go through our heads. So let’s answer them both. It

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Tying a Nock Set and Installing a D-Loop

I set up both my target and hunting bows the same. I’ve found that a tied on nock set with a D-loop under the nock a works very well for me. Why a D-loop under the nock set? Less nock

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Do I Need a Level on my Sight?

3rd Axis Sight

While, these are just a few things to consider when getting ready for backcountry bowhunting, what it really comes down to is making the shot. A couple of rather critical issues the backcountry bowhunter should ponder include: canting your bow

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Head Games

Before heading out on a backcountry hunt make sure you’ve got your mind made up to complete the hunt. I know it sounds like an obvious statement but one thing you’ll definitely encounter at some point is “the mind is