Author: Roger Medley
Roger is a former Colorado State Archery Champion, a speaker, a published author, executive director of High Country Ministries and a bi-vocational Pastor. Roger can routinely be found around the country sharing hunting secrets at seminars and workshops.

Why I Made The Switch

Thinking out of the box or non-traditionally is something that I’ve done for quite some time. I made the move from a tent to using a bivy sack years ago. Why? Simplicity and weight savings. Well, now that I’m older,

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Why Hunt The Backcounty

Why hunt the backcountry? There are many reasons to hunt where many don’t/won’t trod. No pressure from other hunters. The land is undisturbed. It’s new and adventurous. The list continues. A few months ago I posted a question/response on Facebook:

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Prevent UCR Slippage

For those who don’t know what a UCR is it’s a Utility Constrictor Rope. Think of one of those Chinese Finger Traps. Basically a UCR, in the context of using a hammock, is two lengths of rope, one which passes

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DIY Parts

Have you ever thought of making some of your gear? There’s a lot of satisfaction that can come from making your own gear. I number of years ago I made an ultra lightweight binocular harness and still use it today.

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Alcohol Stoves

Alcohol stoves, why do backpackers love these things? There are several benefits: they’re super light weight (1 ounce or less), they’re inexpensive, efficiency of the fuel and readily available fuel. Stoves If you’ve ever considered making anything to use in

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2018 Archery Elk Gear List

The 2018 is shaping up to be a bit different on the camping side. It’s the year of revamping! On the archery side of things… no change from the previous years. All of my gear is listed below. What has

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Using a Down Quilt Instead of a Sleeping Bag

Really, a quilt? Yep! I started using a down quilt around 2013 and haven’t looked back. With that said, I did wrestle with making the move to a quilt for several years. Why? Simply because it was unconventional. My basic “sleep

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A Different Approach To Gear Selection Part 1

At a very early age my father introduced me to aviation. I dreamed of one day designing and building my own airplane. One principal that he taught me was that in aircraft design it’s all about compromise. You have to

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Roger Medley’s 2015 Gear Thoughts

My approach to hunting is spent trying to stay as lightweight (tarps vs tents) as possible while still maintaining a level of comfort that provides for a good night’s rest – 2015 was no different. We started by hiking into

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Mechanical or Fixed Blade Broadheads?

Is that really the title of the article? Is he really going bring up a controversial topic? Yep! So, which is better – mechanical or fixed blade broadheads? This is a debate that many are very passionate about. The truth

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