July 24, 2021

Backcountry Bowhunting

Off The Beaten Path… No Regrets

DIY Parts

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Have you ever thought of making some of your gear? There’s a lot of satisfaction that can come from making your own gear. I number of years ago I made an ultra lightweight binocular harness and still use it today. Now I make them and give them away to friends and family. My satisfaction level is super high!

Here is a list of a few places that we use for goodies.

Plastic hooks, buttons, snaps, etc – Great resource for hard to find plastic buttons, snaps, etc.

Alcohol Stoves – If you’re interested in making your own alcohol stove this is the place to start

Hammocks – Derek wrote the book on hammocking (literally, he wrote the book The Ultimate Hang)

Ripstop By The Roll – Great source for fabric and cordage. Poke around on the website – they also sell DIY kits!

Fabric, poles, zippers – LOTS of different items. It’s worth your while to check them out.

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