July 24, 2021

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Prevent UCR Slippage

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For those who don’t know what a UCR is it’s a Utility Constrictor Rope. Think of one of those Chinese Finger Traps. Basically a UCR, in the context of using a hammock, is two lengths of rope, one which passes through the core of the other – creating an inner and outer rope. With one rope passing through (inside) the other this makes the whole contraption adjustable in length and when the outer rope is pulled it constricts around the inner rope preventing movement. But, this article isn’t about making a UCR, it’s about how to prevent one from slipping.

You’ll need:
5″-6″ of 1.0mm braided fishing line
5″ of 1/16th inch shock cord

Using the 1.0mm braided fishing line or whatever line you’d like, tie a finished loop approximately 2″-3″ in diameter. I used braided line because it’s super lightweight, very inexpensive, grabs the Amsteel well and can be used for a host of other things. Tie the loop around the Amsteel with a Klemheist knot.

Next, pass the 1/16th inch shock cord through the tag end of the Amsteel an inch or two beyond the bury.

Tie the shock cord to the Klemheist knot and pull tight. You’re done!

Ensuring that the bury remains taught is the key to keeping a UCR from slipping. The pressure from the shock cord should keep the needed pressure on the bury to prevent slippage.

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