May 25, 2024

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Big Anges Seedhouse SL1 Tent

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BA_color_CMYKHave you been on the side of mountain shortly before dark and run into a herd of elk? Or what about this, you’ve finally figured out where the elk are and it’s too dark to shoot? You say to yourself, “if I could only be here at sun up”, but camp is 4 miles to the south. In the terrain I hunt in, 4 miles could take several hours to cover. 4 miles back to camp to only get up extra early to be in the same herd before sun up. Wouldn’t it be nice to back off the herd a few hundred yards and camp right there? That way you’re right there, fresh, in the morning. This is much more possible than you may think. Ultra light weight fabrics make it possible, even practical, to carry a tent or shelter with you on a regular basis.

tent-sh1sl-flyTechnology has continued to make ultra light weight waterproof fabrics. Companies such as Big Agnes have put this technology to work and have built one of the lightest tents available today. Weighing in at a mere 2lbs 8oz, the Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 has plenty of room for a solo hunter wanting a roomy waterproof shelter for the evening.

sl1-1I was interested in trying the SL1 after spending a night in my bivy sack. Don’t get me wrong, a bivy is great shelter. But what if you need to wait out a storm? A bivy is not the place for that. A tent which was light to carry and had enough room to keep me from being claustrophobic is what I was after. On a recent spring Gobbler hunt I had the privilege to try this jewel.

When the box arrived I had the tent up in less than 2 minutes (something important to me when I’m rushing to get out of the weather in a hurry). The single hub/pole system makes for quick setup. The hub/pole design fits together in the shape of a large “Y” with the upper portion of the “Y” at the D shaped door. The SL1 is a freestanding tent, although it does require some staking out the guy lines to provide optimum room and water shedding.

sl1-2The length of the Seedhouse SL1 as 90″. Plenty of room for me and most of my gear inside. I left my pack and stove in the 5 sq foot vestibule. The bathtub design floor, as is the rain fly, is made of ripstop nylon with a polyurethane and silicone coating. The tent walls are made of 1.6oz mesh which provides excellent cross ventilation.

tent-shsl-ffWould you like a lighter, more versatile option? A footprint (a ground clothe) specifically made for the SL1 is also available and can be used with the rain fly for what is called a Fast Fly system which weighs in at a scant 1lbs 14oz.

Whether you want to use the SL1 for backcountry hunting or an emergency shelter, you can’t go wrong. This sturdy, ultra light weight waterproof shelter is hard to beat.

Enjoy your spike camp and I’ll see you on the mountain.

Big Agnes Inc., Steamboat Springs, CO USA TOLL FREE: 1-877-554-8975

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