aquamiraWhile in Air Force survival school, we were given iodine tablets for our water treatment. We drank water from just about every conceivable source you can think of (maybe even some you wouldn’t think of) and none of it tasted good. While iodine is effective, it isn’t tasty at all. After one week in the woods, we had finally become accustomed to the taste. Fortunately there are other options available today besides iodine. Mechanical water filter are one choice and liquid water treatment is another. While water filters are effective, they are extremely bulky. MCNETT Aquamira Water Purifier addresses the bulkiness of pumps and filters and the taste issue of iodine. The main ingredient, chlorine dioxide, is used in hundreds of cities across the globe and has proven over the decades to be safe and highly effective. During my testing I found there to be no unpleasant taste whatsoever.

One AQUAMIRA kit (two one-ounce bottles) will treat up to 30 gallons (120 liters) of water.


1. Place 7 drops AQUAMIRA (Part A) and 7 drops ACTIVATOR (Part B) in clean cup or the mixing cap.

2. Let mixture react for 5 minutes. (mix will turn yellow)

3. Fill container with 1 litre (1 U.S. quart) of water and add contents of cup or cap.

4. Shake or stir and let stand for 15 minutes. If water is very cold, cloudy, or if cryptosporidium is suspected, let stand for 30 minutes or more and use 14 drops AQUAMIRA (Part A) and 14 drops ACTIVATOR (Part B) to treat water. Turbid water with high organic load should be pre-filtered with a carbon filter before treatment.

5. Water is now ready to use.

I’ll see you on the mountain!

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Roger Medley
Roger is a former Colorado State Archery Champion, a speaker, a published author, executive director of High Country Ministries and a bi-vocational Pastor. Roger can routinely be found around the country sharing hunting secrets at seminars and workshops.
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