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Winners Choice Custom Bow Strings

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winnersChoiceStringsI don’t get it. Doesn’t the definition of “custom” include, “takes a long time”? That definitely isn’t the case with Winner’s Choice Custom Strings. I had my new strings in just a few short days when I ordered them. In my conversation with Mike Slinkard, Winner’s Choice Vice President, I asked him if he had a direct email address I could use to correspond with him. I didn’t want my emails to get lost with all the others going to info@winnerschoicestrings.com . His response spoke volumes to me. He, personally, reads all the emails sent to the “info” email address. He said it’s his way of staying connected to their customers. Now that is what I call customer service.

The stock string on my Hoyt UltraTec had stretched to the point of requiring me to shorten my draw length by ½” to compensate for string stretch. I’ve had a Winner’s Choice string on my hunting bow for several months now…ZERO string stretch!! I installed my peep sight after the recommended 15-30 shots…I’ve not had any problems with string rotation either. In other words, I installed the string, installed the peep (after 30 shots), I’ve not had any issues since – install it and leave it. What about string creep? After several months, the string has not stretched at all. I have been so impressed with Winner’s Choice strings on my hunting bow, that I’ve installed one on my target bow too with the same experience – zero creep and no rotation problems.

Winner’s Choice strings and buss cables are constructed using a method which completely pre-stretches string fibers prior to assembly, insuring that the product will stay at the desired length for the life of the string or cable. Many other manufacturers’ strings start out an average of 1/2” short of the target length knowing the string will stretch to or near its advertised length. Stretching (also referred to as creep) can be a big issue when using a drop away rest where the timing cord is attached to the buss cable. As the string and cables stretch, this alters your rest timing as well as your nock point.

Winner’s Choice serving is installed using a patented serving system, which maintains maximum allowable tension on the serving during the entire installation process. The bottom line: Winner’s Choice serving will not slip or separate under normal use, guaranteed.

Winner’s Choice coats their strings with a product called X-Coat™ which reduces wear and increases the life of the string by at least FIFTY percent in high abrasion areas. X-Coat™ is designed specifically to resist the abrasion typically found in cable slide and other high abrasion areas. During inclement weather, X-Coat™ also helps prevent moisture from penetrating the critical string fibers.

Winner’s Choice strings and cables are available in a wide variety of color combinations.

ColorCombinationsColors available: black, red, olive, green, flogreen, pink, teal, blue, purple, tan, dark brown, yellow, mountain berry, orange, white, silver, bronze, root beer and kiwi.

The bottom line for me is that Winner’s Choice is now my choice for all my bows.

Winner’s Choice Custom Bowstrings,Inc.
58000 Industrial Park Rd.  John Day, Oregon 97845
(541) 575-0818/Phone (541) 575-2374/Fax
Contact Them: info@winnerschoicestrings.com

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