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Carter Two Shot Release

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Looking for a release that shoots like your rifle?

In the 1950’s Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov developed the SKS rifle. Years later, these rifles started showing up at gun shows around the country. Then, kits to upgrade the trigger systems started showing up. Having owned one, I feel I can speak about them. While it was a fun rifle to shoot, the trigger on mine needed desperate work. Pull, pull, scratch, squeak… BANG. Those triggers are notorious for lots of trigger creep. newtwoshot_lrWhile some would be perfectly fine with a trigger like that on a plinking rifle, this is not adequate for accuracy. A trigger like that on a release for your archery setup is not conducive to accuracy with your bow either. Carter’s Two Shot directly addresses this issue.

First, a few words about how to shoot a wrist strap index finger trigger release properly. Adjust the length of the head to fit in the first or second joint of your index finger. Michael Braden, who has won countless championships using this release, prefers the first joint. I prefer the second joint. Either way, when at full draw, make a hook out of your index finger over the trigger. With your index finger hooked over the trigger, begin pressing your pin into the target while pulling straight away from the arrow. This process will pull your hooked finger into the trigger. The release firing will be a surprise – this will greatly aid in accuracy. A release with excessive trigger travel makes this sort of shot impossible. Carter’s single jaw, Two Shot index finger release addresses the problem of trigger travel.

The Carter Two Shot index finger release has a triple sear which allows the pressure to be spread out over six points instead of the normal two. It features a beefed up casing and larger hasp opening. This release is definitely glove friendly as well.

Pressing and holding the thumb safety closes the jaw and helps prevent the release from firing prematurely. The buckle strap fit well out of the box and required no break in period. The release head is attached to the wrist strap via a nylon strap. Adjusting the release head position is very easy and stays put.

This release can be shot directly off the string or off a D loop. A single set screw is used to adjust the trigger travel. The spring, which can be replaced at the factory, sets the tension required to fire the release. A word about spring tension – spending time here in “your” setup is wise. You’ve spent time tweaking your draw length, anchor point, shaft size, point weight, etc…don’t give up yet. Sending your release back to the factory for a spring replacement is very small in the scheme of things. You can replace the spring yourself by ordering a spring directly from Carter for $2.00 plus shipping.

The Two Shot is available in various combinations of black or camo head with a black or camo Velcro or buckle straps.

Carter Enterprises can be reached at:
Carter Enterprises
P.O. Box 19
487 N. 2300 E.
Saint Anthony, ID 83445
Phone: (208) 624-3467
Fax: (208) 624-7515


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