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Specialty Archery Verifier

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verifier_fDo you wear glasses while you shoot your bow, but wish you didn’t?

Several years ago I started to need reading glasses to clearly see detail up close. Over the years it’s gotten worse. Now I NEED them to see anything up close, such as the pins on by bow sight. Because I wear progressive lenses (the prescription is weaker at the top than at the bottom) in my glasses it’s been difficult trying to shoot with glasses. In fact, I’ve found that I’m unable to shoot with glasses. So, I’ve been shooting without my glasses and struggling since my pins are very blurry. I’ve compensated for my poor near vision by using the smallest set of pins available so that the blurry spot (the pin) would be small.

Specialty Archery has addressed this need with their Verifiier Peep System. What is a Verifer? Basically a screw-in lense for their peep sight. These lenses will fit their Super Ball Peep System and their Super bpeepscomHunter Peep System. For those who are interested in not having a rubber alignment tube, the Super Ball System is way to go. For those who enjoy the confidence of having an alignment tube or a larger peep, the Super Hunter System is the way to go. The maximum size Verifer differs between the two systems. 1/8″ for the Super Ball Peep and 1/4″ for the Super Hunter Peep. If you desire the larger (1/4″) Verifier but don’t want the alignment tube, Don Chipman at Specialty Archery suggests simply removing the tang which the rubber tube attaches to.

verifier_cThe lens has a very small correction in it. This will bring the “up close” things into focus while leaving distant objects in focus as well. This concept really piqued my interest. I went to the Archery Hut here in Colorado Springs to use the Verifier display unit, which is used to determine which Verifier you’ll need. The Verifier number doesn’t equate to any sort of eyeglass prescription since the correction is so slight. For me, I needed the #6 Verifier. I placed my order.

When the item arrived I rushed to get it installed on my bow to see just how well it works. And the answer is… …. It works GREAT!!! Will I continue to use it? Absolutely!

There are two routes you can go with the verifier system. If you don’t like using an alignment tube on your hunterpeeppeep then order the Super Ball Peep, the appropriate Verifier and the small wrench used to screw the Verifier into the peep. With this setup the only diameter Verifier you can get is an 1/8”. Your second option is to use the Super Hunter Peep System. This comes with a cable key (to attach the tube to your cable), 14” of silicone rubber tubing, the Hunter Peep body, a wrench and your choice of 1/8” or 1/4″ apertures.

Simply install the Verifier peep as you would any other in-string peep sight. I’ve included some general instructions below.

How do you know exactly where to place the peep? This is the procedure I use:

  1. Install the peep into the string above the nock point (don’t tie it in place yet). You’ll need a bow press for this.
  2. Draw your bow (always draw your bow with an arrow in case you accidently release the string), close your eyes and come to your anchor point. A word about drawing your bow with an arrow nocked – do this only while safely pointing down range. Treat your bow like it’s loaded – since it is.
  3. After you’ve come to your anchor point, open your eyes. Which way does the peep need to move? Don’t move your head to the peep, move your peep to your eye.
  4. After the peep height has been set and the peep tied in, you’re ready to go.

A word about Specialty Archery. For those who’ve been around target shooting, you’re probably already familiar with Specialty Archery. They are the makers of Clarifier lenses, which are used with scopes. They are also the makers of the New Evolution and Super D scopes, hunting and target stabilizers, and the new Drop Back Arrow Rest.

The folks at Specialty Archery can be reached at:
Specialty Archery, LLC   •   P.O. Box 889   •   Clear Lake, IA 50428-8694
Phone 641-424-5762   •   Fax 641-423-2022

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