June 13, 2024

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Rocky Mountain Turbo Broadhead

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rockymtn-logoFounded by Robert Barrie in 1978, Barrie Archery introduced the first Rocky Mountain Broadhead in 1979. On a recent archery hog hunt at River Bottom Bowhunting near Pueblo Colorado, I had the opportunity to try out the toughest broadhead I have tried to date – a Rocky Mountain Turbo.

A broadhead that I can be sure will fly true is of the utmost importance to me. Wondering whether the arrow will land where I’m aiming is the last question I want to have in the back of my mind when I’ve release an arrow on the animal of a lifetime. I found, when sighting in prior to our hog hunt that I wouldn’t have to be concerned about my shafts not flying true. After sighting in with field points I switched to the Turbo’s. TURBOI wasn’t sure what to expect, but was ready to spend some time sighting in with these broadheads. However, I was done in 3 shots. The Turbo broadheads impacted within 1 inch of my field points! A slight adjustment to my pins was all that was needed.

RogerMedley2005HogWe were only minutes into the hunt when the first real test happened. A 205 pound Russian Boar passed within feet of my tree stand. A short shot may not be a good test of how the broadhead will fly at a given distance; however, it is a great test to test the toughness. The arrow impact exactly where I wanted and buried the broadhead deep into bone on the opposite shoulder. The boar didn’t take another step.

RogerGuineaFowlDressing the boar, we removed the broadhead. To our surprise, the broadhead was fully intact – no damage at all! A 70 lbs shot made into bone at 15 feet – now that is a great test of a broadhead. A new set of blades and it was ready to use again. A more lengthy shot came when a Guinea Fowl presented itself later that day. Both shots proved to have great, predictable arrow flight. The arrows flew true and impacted exactly where I wanted them.

Rocky Mountain Broadheads will certainly be found in my quiver this fall.

I’ll see you on the mountain.

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