July 19, 2024

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Quickie and Quickie 2 Releases from Carter Enterprises

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quickieThe folks at Carter Enterprises continue to amaze me. Some shooters desire an index finger release which is silent to attach to the string and automatically resets after each shot. Whether you’re competing in quick shot tournaments or hunting where silent loading is a must – Carter has answered this calling with their Quickie series featuring the Quickie and Quickie 2.

The Quickie and Quickie 2 are open-jawed, single-sear releases and both reset after each shot. The differences are in the fact that the Quickie has the hook on the opposite side of the trigger while the Quickie 2 has the hook and trigger on the same side. The reason for the difference, according to Forrest Carter, “the only difference between the two is the way the jaw opens and loads. It is a matter of personal preference of loading. The Quickie 2 works well if you are wearing a thick mask such as a Scent-loc or if you have a beard since the jaw doesn’t touch your face.” A tiny elastic cord resets the release after it is fired, making this a great release for hunting when you just can’t afford the “click” sound of a caliper release when hooking it to your string or D-loop.

As with the Carter Two Shot, the Quickie and Quickie 2 both have triggers which have sharp and crisp action. In my opinion, Carter is the only release manufacturer who has incorporated rifle trigger principals into archery. Little trigger travel allows the shooter to concentrate on the target, not “how much farther do I have to pull the trigger before it fires?”

Both releases are available in black or camo with a buckle or velcro strap.

I’ll see you on the mountain.

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