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Kasey Mock’s 2015 Gear Thoughts

We spent 8 days on the mountain in early September, public land DIY archery elk. There were four of us total, and I was successful and harvesting a nice bull on the third day. We did have a canvas wall

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Mechanical or Fixed Blade Broadheads?

Is that really the title of the article? Is he really going bring up a controversial topic? Yep! So, which is better – mechanical or fixed blade broadheads? This is a debate that many are very passionate about. The truth

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Broadhead Tuning

Broadhead Tuning  Getting arrows to fly well has been a huge issue for many for a long time. So huge that it launched a multi-million dollar business segment for mechanical (expandable)  broadheads. Do you shoot mechanicals? Don’t worry, this article

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Bow Tuning – Initial Setup

Bow Tuning – Initial Setup  In our scenario lets start with a brand new bow, right out of the box. Tuning your bow starts with a of couple simple basics. One is the best shot form possible. If you’re unsure

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Picking a Stove

So, you’ve decided to go with a stove. Now the hard part begins – what kind? There are ones with canisters, ones with require liquid fuel, ones made out of a tuna fish can, and the list goes on. Which

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Selecting a Peep Sight

So, why would I want a peep sight anyway? And how do I know what size peep sight to use? As archers, these are some of the questions that may go through our heads. So let’s answer them both. It

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Tying a Nock Set and Installing a D-Loop

I set up both my target and hunting bows the same. I’ve found that a tied on nock set with a D-loop under the nock a works very well for me. Why a D-loop under the nock set? Less nock

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Do I Need a Level on my Sight?

3rd Axis Sight

While, these are just a few things to consider when getting ready for backcountry bowhunting, what it really comes down to is making the shot. A couple of rather critical issues the backcountry bowhunter should ponder include: canting your bow

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Head Games

Before heading out on a backcountry hunt make sure you’ve got your mind made up to complete the hunt. I know it sounds like an obvious statement but one thing you’ll definitely encounter at some point is “the mind is

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Know your Equipment

A few weeks ago I was reading one of my favorite archery magazines when I noticed an ad by an arrow manufacturer. The ad boasted of some very impressive arrow velocities, speeds well above 320 feet per second. This piqued

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