October 27, 2021

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Tying a Nock Set and Installing a D-Loop

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bergerbuttonI set up both my target and hunting bows the same. I’ve found that a tied on nock set with a D-loop under the nock a works very well for me.

Why a D-loop under the nock set? Less nock pinch. I’ve experienced D-loops pinching the arrow nock enough to lift the arrow off the rest at full draw. After switching to a tied on nock set with a D-loop below and my levitating arrows went away. This setup does provide a little more downward pressure on the rest as well. One last thing this setup does for me is to allow me to easily fine tune my setup. If I need to raise or lower my nock set, I simply screw the nock set up or down the string with the server acting as threads.

nock1Tying on a Nock Set

Place the bow square in line with the center of the berger button hole.

Using server material, tie the first knot 1/8” above the center of the berger button hole.

nock2Continue with alternating the knots on opposite sides of the string until you have 3-4 wraps of serving (about 6 knots total). Then work your way back down the string overlapping the serving you just tied on.

Complete the tying by tying a second knot over the first. Melt the ends and you’re done.

If you’re having problems keeping the knots tight while you’re installing your nock set, place a little bow string wax on the serving. This will help the serving be a little more sticky and help hold the knots while you’re tying the next knot.


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